61 procent tror på inbördeskrig

52 procent bunkrar mat Europa kan snart hamna i händerna på Kina. 61 procent av amerikanerna tror att USA står inför ett nytt inbördeskrig.

En ny opinionsundersökning i USA visar att 61 procent av väljarna tror att ett inbördeskrig väntar landet. Orsaken är vänsterjournalisternas hatretorik mot den folkvalde presidenten Donald Trump, och det massiva stöd vänsterextrema våldsorganisationer får från vänsterpolitiker och multinationella företag.

CNN:s fd CIA-anställda vänsterjournalist gör reportage om inbördeskrig efter presidentvalet i USA, och 61 procent av medborgarna ser det som sannolikt.

Läget i USA är nu så allvarligt att 52 procent av väljarna bunkrar varor som mat och ammunition, för att förbättra sina chanser till överlevnad efter presidentvalet i November.

Vänsterjournalister liksom ledande företrädare för det vänsterextrema så kallade "Demokratiska" partiet har öppet klargjort sina planer på inbördeskrig i form av ett utträde ur unionen om Trump vinner valet, liknande Sydstaternas utträde 1861.

Finacial Times förklarar mekaniken bakom ett möjligt inbördeskrigsscenario:

"Donald Trump has won the electoral college by a clear margin. Yet America is in ferment. Cities around the world are holding candlelit vigils for US democracy and smaller Democratic states have joined California to threaten “Calexit”. Unions plan a general strike to pressure chief executives to back America’s majority."

"To be fair, Joe Biden won 6m more votes than Mr Trump — 52 per cent to 47 per cent. Turnout was low because of rampant coronavirus and obstacles to absentee voting. Yet Mr Trump was re-elected according to the rules. What US court would dare question the outcome?"

"Forewarned is forearmed. America’s judges, governors and chief executives ought to be losing sleep over such an eventuality. Twice in the last 20 years, a candidate has won the US presidency after losing the popular vote."

"In 2000 the Supreme Court voted five to four to stop the Florida recount. Al Gore conceded to George W Bush though a full tally would probably have tilted it his way. In 2016, Mr Trump won the electoral college in spite of having 3m fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. It could easily happen again in November. This time nobody would be playing by Queensberry Rules."

"The difference with 2000 is that Americans are far likelier to view their opponents as enemies than competitors. Today’s toxicity is more redolent of the 1860 election that preceded the civil war."

"Mr Gore was too much of an institutionalist to go against the Supreme Court. Mr Biden would be branded a traitor by most of his party were he to sacrifice America’s majority on some outdated altar of national unity."

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